How to get a persian rug appraisal

how to get a persian rug appraisal Oriental Rug Salon is a respected and trusted source for many rug collectors, insurance companies, Oriental and Persian area rug retailers, interior designers, and rug owners. The appraisal process requires an in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of rug production and what’s going on in the rug market right now. First time customer/senjor DISCOUNTS! - We are a master oriental rug cleaners, providing full immersion rug cleaning, rug repairs, appraisals and sales of oriental rugs in San Diego. C. Get an appraisal for a Persian carpet We received a persian carpet as a gift from someone in the family. We are located in Blake Center Mall in Hopkins next door to Antiques Bell Air. " After your rug is evaluated and approved we provide a certification of authenticity & value that is recognized world wide. Please visit our appraisal page for more details. If you can see the pattern markings on the back of the rug, it’s a fairly good indicator of authenticity. Kashou can appraise your rug and let you know its worth. After-sale services includes a 2,500 sq. Come to us or we can come to you for a certified rug appraisal that showcases the true value of your one-of-a-kind Persian or Oriental rug. If your rugs are not already insured, Persian Rug Cleaner strongly suggests changing that as soon as possible. Call for an Appointment Today! Persian Rug Trade/Appraisal Art and Rugs is always looking to add to its extensive inventory of unique rugs. Find the retail, re-sell, and replacement value of your rug. Our appraisals are based on many factors, such as the origin of the rug, the size, description, quality, condition etc. FREE pick-up and delivery! Los Angeles Rug Appraisal Products and Services: Area Rug Appraisal specializing in Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Wool Rugs and Silk Rugs. Many of the rugs are produced through Cultural Survival projects that The Magic Carpet has supported for the past fifteen years. Oriental rug appraisal requires as much special Mar 21, 2017 · Even if you remove your shoes before you step on your oriental rug it will eventually get dirty. Most oriental rugs range from 7/7 knot count to 16/16 — with 9/9 being a popular average. With over 15 years of experience in fine rugs and antiques from all the world, we conduct each appraisal carefully and comprehensively to ensure we can provide you with the most accurate evaluation. It is important to get an impartial professional opinion on your oriental rug when considering purchasing or selling your rug. Antique Oriental rugs vary in price for a variety of reasons, and it takes an expert to provide you with an expert appraisal that reflects the true value of your rug. Rug Appraisal. At Oriental Rug Pros we are committed to offering our customers the Best Overall Value for all their Rug Service, Maintenance and Protection. It will extend the life of your lovely rug. If it's been more than 10 years since your last appraisal, consider getting your appraisal updated. Contact us for free estimate and more details (tel. Like any form of arts , fine rugs such as oriental rugs or Persian rugs or Chinese rugs there are many forgeries and fakes masquerading as the real thing out there and for your own protection and the protection of your hard earned money you need to be sure that the rug that you own interested in buying is the real thing. and a member of Oriental Rug Retailers of America Rug Appraisals. Communicate directly with an experienced Rugs & Carpets specialist. Whether you need an Oriental rug appraisal, looking for a rug dealer, or just wish to purchase a fine rug, Robert H. START APPRAISAL Have your Rugs & Carpets appraised online by a specialist. Nov 22, 2011 · Three members of the association who evaluate Oriental carpets in the Washington area are Jerald Johnson at National Appraisals, 202-547-1240; Karen Holtzman, 202-966-5877; and Richard Driscoll How to get your FREE APPRAISAL We typically give up to 3 free appraisals via email and charge a modest $5. Rug Advice. Oct 17, 2016 · Turkish and Persian rugs represent some of the most striking and elegant examples of weaving available in the market today. Many rugs were based on the figural medallion motifs found alongside of paintings and drawings of animals, figures, and landscapes. A written appraisal will establish the value of your antique rug for insurance purposes. Behnam Rugs deals with antique, vintage, and coveted Persian and Oriental rugs on a daily basis, so we can easily determine the current value of your rug. " This statement accurately describes the complexities of Oriental, Persian and area rugs. Receive a valuation in 24 to 48 hours. If you already own a rug and need an appraisal, perhaps for insurance purposes or if you are thinking about selling it, simply bring it in and we would be glad to provide you with an expert appraisal. Unless you, yourself, are an antique appraiser or work in the antique industry, appraisals are best left to the experts. If the rug to be donated is worth less than $500, a certified appraisal is not needed. Ogden Ave. Our most popular rug appraisals include antique rugs such as Caucasian, Serapi, Sultanabad, Ferahan Sarouk, Tabriz, Kashan and Laver Kirman to name a few. These are a few of the many reasons to have your rugs appraised. Capital Rug has the expertise and knowledge about rugs from the major rug-producing countries of the world. ISA-Accredited Rug Appraisal Winston Churchill's assessment of the Soviet Union during his day was "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Persian & Oriental rug expert. Please send Ebay Item Number of Rug to be Appraised After Purchase of Appraisal (No other Information needed). When you want to get your rugs appraised, call us and we schedule an appointment for one of our appraisers to come to your home. We are a family owned and operated store and have been in the Persian Rugs business for over 100 years, a three generation enterprise. This is not a simple thing, this is a distinct skill and we know its depth. American family owned/operated for 25 years at the same Encinitas location. Always check with your insurance company for the best way to insure your rugs and what documentation will need to be presented. Our knowledgeable staff will assess the age of your rug, determine country of origin, define the design, note materials used and evaluate the condition, all to guide us to an accurate, current market value. Third Generation Oriental Carpet Dealer Former Editor - "Rug News" Magazine Lecturer & Teacher on Investing in Oriental Rugs. However, certain antique rugs will often hold their value better than modern carpets, in spite of deterioration. While there are many opinions and theories concerning the care of Oriental rugs, if you follow some simple, common sense rules, your Oriental and other area rugs will look great and last a very long time. Hadeed Oriental Rug Repair and Restoration employs specialists in the appraisal, restoration and repair of oriental rugs. However, Persian rugs are unarguably beautiful and respected all over the world for this art. The best way to do an Oriental rug appraisal is by personal inspection. A rug’s appraised value is based on current market trends. ORRA (the Oriental Rug Retailers of America, Inc) written appraisals are valid for all purposes including use for courtroom documentation. For customers who need a formal, written appraisal for insurance, estate or other similar legal purposes, we offer certified rug appraisals. With decades of experience and knowledge appraising antique Persian and Oriental carpets, we are able to assess the value of all types of antique rugs. Jul 18, 2020 · Whether you're searching for a new room or want to spice up an old, a great quality, hand woven Persian rug can do just the trick. Jan 22, 2008 · I have found that this tool serves for good general instruction for learning about Persian rugs and other. In addition to our sales services, we offer carpet cleaning, restoration, repair, appraisal, and conservation services. fee for additional email appraisals. If you’re not sure what the Oriental rug you are looking at is worth, we are here to help. We are happy to provide general guidance if you simply send us a photo. Oriental Rugs Showroom & After-Sale Services. Our evaluation process is based on the antique rug industries “best practice. Apr 24, 2016 · The Magic Carpet Gallery 408 Broad St. When you are trying to sell your rug, we understand that you want to make sure you sell it for the highest price possible. I am very pleased with the appraisal I received for my Persian rugs. In addition to new and used rug sales, and rug buying, we offer a variety of Oriental rug-related services, including rug cleaning, rug repairs, rug appraisals, mothproofing, and high-quality rug pads. Insurance companies use this information in the event something happens to your rug. Our rug appraisal service is easy and affordable for our clients to use. Whether your Oriental Rugs were handed down from your family or purchased years ago, it is highly advised that you to have your rugs appraised every ten years. Find Persian and Oriental style rugs that are expertly crafted and full of character. Quality handmade and authentic oriental and Persian rugs in Manchester, Northwest of England. Although all written appraisals required physical handling of the actual rug appraised, complimentary verbal and online appraisals with photos are available to encourage that proper service is rendered. Her gallery specializes in tribal rugs and carpets woven with hand-spun wool and plant based dyes with a strong emphasis on Persian rugs and tribal designs woven in Afghanistan. According to them the carpet is over 200 years old and is worth alot. Could I attach photos to this request? The rug is generally in great shape but does have some fringe damage and some moth damage in one area. Rug appraisals are needed to identify rugs and answer questions about the rug's origin, age and value. They meet a wide-array of needs, including asset management, probate and succession, informed estate and tax planning, insurance purposes, a priori inquires about property acquisition, collateral loan agreements, gift tax documentation, and charitable contributions. Collecting rugs from exotic locales like Persia and Indian was popular. department for repair, padding, cleaning, moth-proofing, deodorizing, mothproofing, disinfecting, and appraisal services Here at Carpet Cleaning Experts, we buy and sell antique rugs, old Oriental rugs, Navajo rugs, tapestries, and any other handmade textile in almost any condition. The previous two years had been spent working for Mustapha Avigdor born in 1879, one of the luminaries of the Boston Oriental rug trade. Oriental Rug Appraisals from Ward's include a technical data sheet detailing many of the technical aspects of the carpet being examined. Owner has been in industry for over 40 years. We come to your home, photograph the rug (s) and produce a document for your records with all the pertinent information. We can also provide a verbal opinion at no cost if you bring your rug to our store. We have been serving the D. Like all Oriental rugs, every Persian rug is painstakingly hand-knotted by skilled artisans over many months. Rug Services; Rug Cleaning & Washing; Rug Repair & Restoration; Rug Appraisals; Stair Runner Installation; Rug Consultation & In-Home Trials; Rug Shipping & Packaging; Rug Trade-in & Rug Purchase; Rug Accessories. Here the focus is on the textile itself, i. Persian Rug Cleaner offers written appraisals, insurance quotes, and insurance opinion letters. Get Your Rug Appraised. com) The fee is refundable via a credit if the item is sold or consigned to the gallery or if the item is cleaned or restored by gallery . Here the focus is on . Fred Nasseri is recognized as an expert in his field and regularly writes rug appraisals to establish fair market value for the purpose of Estate Planning. That’s where the Rug Rag experts come in. The dirt forms a good place for bacteria and other harmful organisms to grow that destroy the rug. Contact Robert today to see what you have and the value. We'll need an overall shot of the rug as well as two close-ups. ). Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 202-5568 Get a free estimate Appraisals. Call us today for complete details People seek rug appraisals for a variety of reasons, and those reasons could actually affect the appraisal of the rug. Professional experts at Oriental Designer Rugs perform both verbal and Certified(written) Rug Appraisals. Extensive knowledge, built over a century in the rug trade, has given the Oscar Isberian team the ability to properly appraise your Oriental or vintage rug. Oriental Rug Appraisal services in Milwaukee. International Appraisals through Digital Photography Ebay Appraisals for $15 a Rug Free rug advice, Free carpet search Selling rugs from Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and China Persian rug value means a lot of things to me but basically the most important factors that affect its value are authenticity, quality of materials, finesse of the knots and beauty of colors and design. You need a real expert to review and determine the value. All Persian rugs are Persian Oriental rugs, but not all Oriental rugs are Persian rugs. When a heirloom it Blake Wilson is a Certified Rug Appraiser. Rug Appraisal & Consulting. Araby Rug is a three generation rug store founded by Husney Mahfuz in 1921. Most appraisers of Persian rugs estimate only the replacement value of a rug, which is very different from its resale value. The retail replace value of an oriental carpet to be the total amount it would take to replace a carpet. Handmade Persian and Oriental rugs represent a significant investment. They are An Oriental rug’s condition is directly linked to its value — and Persian rug appraisal experts like Ahdoot Oriental Rugs know how to determine that. Nov 05, 2017 · Rug Appraisal At ValuePros, we are regularly asked to perform rug appraisals ranging from small rugs, hallway runners, to full-size room rugs. I found an expert in Persian rugs, which my first appraiser wasn't, and the appraisal represents the approximate market value for a retail rug of this quality. Having a written appraisal document . Genuine carpets from Iran, formerly known as Persia, are treasured by collectors world Persian and Oriental Rug Appraisals If you own a fine rug, the best thing you can do for it (besides regular professional cleaning ) is to get it appraised. You should be able to see rows of knots which are markings of authenticity as well. With the right pictures and information, we are able to appraise a wide variety of Oriental Rug appraisers are responsible for evaluating and assessing the value of oriental rugs for consumers as well as businesses. A certificate from an Oriental Rug appraiser will be extremely helpful to get insurance that will cover for damage, loss, or theft of your rug. One thing, though, is certain: as a result of having a rug appraisal, you will have a greater understanding of the origin of your rug; its type, design, age, and knot count; and many fascinating insights into the world of Oriental and other fine rugs. Sotheby’s is your best resource for selling rare rugs and carpets at auction. At the very least, it is a free oriental rug appraisal tool which is fun to use. Get an oriental rug. Many people remain unaware that Persian rugs gain value over time. Persian Rug Gallery will inspect your rug, tell you where it originated, the quality and any other particulars. Bring a fresh look to any space with beautiful Persian-style rugs from Pottery Barn. Rug Appraisals: Your Rug will be appraised by an expert not an algorithm. Rug Appraisal Terms. We’ll give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Many people choose to have their Oriental rugs evaluated by an antique dealer or an auctioneer. Prices: 1 Appraisal – $79 2-5 Appraisals – $74 each 6-9 Appraisals – $69 each 10+ Appraisals – $64 each > Rug Appraisal Antique Rug Co. Name Address Phone number Size of rug Pictures And any information about your rug(s). We offer Rug Sales, Rug Appraisal, Rug Cleaning and Rug Repair covering Stockport, Machester, Northwest of England. Whether you need a formal Oriental rug appraisal, are looking for a Persian rug appraiser or just find yourself wanting advice before making a purchasing decision, it is crucial to choose a rug appraiser / consultant you can trust. Since 1979, Mansour’s Oriental Rug Gallery has offered our clientele and designers the finest of new and antique Oriental and Persian rugs throught the Reno area. Oriental Rug Appraisals from Wards' include a technical data sheet detailing many of the technical aspects of the carpet being examined. How to Put Furniture on a Persian Rug. Complete Antique Rug Appraisal from Sy Mahfuz. We have the knowledge, experience and certification you can trust. We will then provide a written appraisal for a nominal fee. Without an Appraisal all you can hope for is a small allowance per rug based on size alone. Beautiful condition, This rug was in a mansion in Detroit Michigan. They do in-plant and in-home appraisals. Over the next 16 years Doug returned to Iran 18 times, quite often purchasing rugs for friends in his spare Email us a few pictures and the dimensions of the rug to info@austinspecialtycleaners. Written appraisal For Appraisal(s) sales@johnkhalil. With our help, you are sure to find the ideal piece for your space. Each rug appraisal, will include details about the rug's origin, age, material, color, knot count, and its re-sale or replacement value. This rug is non directional, with In appraising a rug, the two most basic quantitative features of a Persian Oriental rug are size and knot density, even though there is much to say in terms of the artistry design of the rug, location of the production, and the overall condition and wear round out the list of factors that can factor in an appraisal. Persian Rugs. Oriental Rug Specialists, Inc. 310-770-9085). ORIENTAL RUG CLEANING CO, INC ORIENTAL RUG CLEANING SCHOOL Ellen Amirkhan, CRA 3907-13 Ross Avenue Dallas, TX 75204 Ph: 214-821-9135 Fax: 214-821-9136 Vintage Persian Rugs can appraise your rug’s value. Nazmiyal Provides antique Rug Appraisals and Persian Oriental Carpet Appraisal Services. Mark is a member of and is certified by the Oriental Rug Retailers of America (). Oriental Rug Pros gives you Quality Rug Appraisal in Encinitas CA 92024. We offer oriental rug appraisal services. com, and then if we are interested, we will contact you. Call now to find out how much your one-of-a-kind Persian rug is worth and get an official appraisal that keeps you informed. Appraisals are especially important for Insurance companies, which accept only certified appraisals. Due to specializing in both antique and new rugs his breath and depth of knowledge assures you of accurate identification and current value. At Ward’s we specialize in the cleaning and repair of oriental and area carpets and rugs. There is a service fee of $55-$125 if you would like us to come out to your home or office instead of bringing the rugs to us. As an independent third party, we will help to make official rug appraisal, in Chicago area, to put your mind at rest and to make sure that you get for what you pay. Our appraisers are experts at area rug and textile valuations and we offer in-person and online appraisals with an average turn-around time of 4 days. We also service appraisals for loss due to theft or if you would just like the know the value of your piece. Online Appraisal Cautions. Caravan Rugs Rug Appraising Services Nov 05, 2020 · Indicators for valuing a rug A Persian rug’s valuation depends on many variables, the origin, the type, and, mainly, the thickness of its knots, which will mark the density of knots per m2. The only way to know what your rug is worth is to get a professional appraisal. Oriental Rug Salon is proud to lend our experience and certification to those seeking to obtain an appraisal of their cherished Persian, Oriental, Turkish, Tribal or other wool or silk rug. Turn to us to undergo rug appraisals for each of your luxury features. Other Rug appraisal is an important way to get information about the value, age & origin of your investment. Lot 2204, 20th century Persian hand-woven rug, J. With over forty-eight years of experience, dealing in every aspect of the oriental rug trade, Allen Kosub is able to accept and complete a wide range of assignments. Persian rug value means a lot of things to me but basically the most important factors that affect its value are authenticity, quality of materials, finesse of the knots and beauty of colors and design. Our greatest strengths are our love for the trade, attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the differences between various types of area rugs. One thing is certain and that you are going to get a perfect appraisal for your rugs. Persian and Oriental rugs are made by hand from patterns passed down from generation to generation. Certified Rug Appraisals that protect you and your rug. There are a number of rug details that only an expert can assess, which will determine whether your rug should go the dumpster, or to the museum. We stay current on global market conditions that affect the value of individual rugs. Los Angeles Rug Appraisal CA Shopping - Call (949) 306-9429 for Showroom Location The Persian Carpet is a full service Oriental Rug dealer offering fantastic selection of antique and contemporary handmade rugs. Mahfuz opened his first store on Regent Street in London, eventually moving to 667 Boylston Street in Boston. Many factors can affect the value of the rug, such as age, condition, and style of the rug. Tips on rug appraisals 1. Persian rugs were highlighted in rug production workshops of the royal court. This includes the exact type of rug, age, condition, history, and replacement value. When pricing a Persian Rugs, the artistic value of the rug also plays a significant role in influencing the price of the piece. This includes Appraisals! 8- We at www. Oriental Rug Appraisal in Wichita on YP. Rug Care; Spills, Stains & Pet Maroufi Fine Rugs & Antiques, offers a selection of 17th to 19th century American and European Antique Furniture, Accessories and Estate Jewelry with a Unique Collection of Hand Knotted Persian and Oriental Rugs & Carpets. We Also Buy Estate Rugs! If you have an old Oriental rug you're looking to get rid of or no longer have any use for, we can help you do it! We will: At Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn our rug specialist give you best assessment of your rug in the light of their years of experience and acumen. Oriental Rug Appraisals from the Experts We can help you to protect your investment! Rug District offers Oriental Rug Appraisals for all your woven treasures. i think these factors are enough to create amazing Persian rug value. Oriental Rug Appraisal in Downtown Wichita on YP. Araby Rug has provided the finest in antique and modern oriental rugs and kilims to New England since 1921. Verbal appraisal. With over 40 years of experience our rug appraisal specialist will determine the estimated value of your area rug and send you a certificate of appraisal. com Rug Appraisals An appraisal is a document used to identify a rug’s age, origin and current market value. Oriental rug appraisal requires as much special Rug Appraisals An appraisal is a document used to identify a rug’s age, origin and current market value. Everything in the house was imported and very expensive. Do not hesitate to contact us right now. Rug appraisal is a complicated process that can’t rely on simple formulas. As a BBB member A+ rating for 20 years straight and Gold Star award winner from 2005 through 2020, David Oriental Rugs not only sells handwoven rugs, but also provides a full range of services, including oriental rug repair, oriental rug appraisal, oriental rug cleaning, and oriental rug restoration to care for all kinds of Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, Antique rugs, Silk and wool rugs Appraisals. . We take into account a carpet’s availability as well as it’s marketplace demand calculated, to the best of our ability, from factors such as origin, quality, colors and condition. Our written appraisals are done for an extra charge and a verbal appraisal is always free. The fee depends on the rug. Most customers seek an accredited appraiser, recognized and approved by Pamela Hiller Oriental Rug Restorations and Appraisals . We should be able to identify the rug from these and email you back a quote. ORRA Certified Rug Appraisal Estate Valuation. Mansour’s can also give you an accurate estimate of your rug’s worth, if you are thinking about selling. A current, honest appraisal of an Oriental rug by a qualified appraiser should include the type, origin, size, age, description of design and quality, condition, and retail replacement value. One of only 34 in the United States. … read more Oriental Rug Appraisals in Vermont. If the rug is worth more than $500, it is recommended that the donor pay an appraiser to fill out section III of Form 8283, and then supply the information to Noor. Your Oriental Rugs are valuable assets for your family and having the proper written appraisals for your portfolio is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your investment. How do I 1) get fair appraisals of each rugs value in the marketplace, and 2) find interested buyers? The rugs are in Denver, CO. They know how to properly dye and repair the finest orientals. The rug is 20' x 13'. In general, a rug that has a very elaborate and complex pattern with a very busy field will be more expensive as compared to a rug with simple patterns and a plain field. Los Angeles Rug Appraisal Year Established: 1980. May 27, 2014 · I have two Persian or Oriental rugs that I am interested in selling. You may also bring your rug to our store for an official appraisal (charges apply). Services are: Appraisal, Restoration, Carpet & Rug Cleaning and Auction. All of Antique Rug Company’s appraisal and consultation requests are personally handled by Barry Shabahang and Sons Persian Carpets is the trusted name for certified rug appraisals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. How to Tell if a Persian Rug Is Valuable. Each rug has its own value and identity, just like artwork. Contact us today to discuss how we can enhance your space. Like any investment, a handmade rug should be insured and protected. Serur's made it really easy and was very very thorough! Thanks again! Jason W. Appraisals by an accredited expert. If Item was not Listed on Ebay, We will need the following Information: Exact Size of Rug in Inches, Picture of Rug, Close-up Picture of Back, and Pictures of any Flaws such as wear, Repairs, Tears, Holes, Stains, Runs or such where Vintage Persian Rugs can appraise your rug’s value. Having an appraisal is especially important in the event your rug is ever damaged in a fire or flood, if your rug is ever stolen, or if you looking to sell the rug. Hi. 9- If your Persian carpet or Oriental rug is damaged, have it fixed by us by expert repairer. Restoration, Cleaning, Repairs, Appraisals of Persian Oriental Area rugs and carpets; Hand woven, Hand Knotted, Tufted, wool, silk, Cotton, Sale, Trade of Antique and semi antiques and new rugs. And, just like any work of art worth more than a few dollars, you have it appraised by an expert for insurance purposes in case of accidental or deliberate damage or loss. Rug Appraisals With over 30 years of experience, we can provide you with the documentation that states, current replacement value and details including origin, size, age, design type, material and photo of your rug. Welcome to Ward’s Oriental Rug Service and Gallery, a third generation, family-run business located on the banks of the Jordan River at 333 W. Our Per Piece Charge for Rugs, Kilim or Tapestry is ONLY $100. Oriental Carpet & Rug Appraisals. Pair their luxurious aesthetic with the impressive history of the rug-making tradition, and these sumptuous textiles become even more tantalizing as they reflect an aspect of Middle Eastern culture that dates back millennia. David Zahirpour provides certified oriental rug appraisals, an important documentation to specify the characteristics and quality of each rug and its market value. said: December 23, 2018 3:15 am Great value for the services received. Sam Presnell, owner of The Rug Gallery, discusses how he appraises oriental rugs and what to expect from the process. , Milwaukee, WI 53202 Oriental rugs are considered to be functional works of art and an investment. Avoid appraisers who seek ulterior business, such as consignment or restoration. Have something to appraise in Oriental Carpets & Rugs?Get your appraisal in three simple steps! Step 1. An appraisal can be done in your home or you may bring your rug to us at our Kensington, MD location. Union Street in downtown Allentown. Our rug cleaning services include rug and carpet cleaning, our own pet odor soak tank for removal of pet stains, rug appraisal for only $75 and rug repair. Get your rug insured. B. We bring years of experience and a wide network of carpet professionals to the table. Beware of an appraisal that seems to greatly exaggerate the value of your rug. They generally appreciate in value and are handed down through the generations of a family. There are several trusted professional rug appraisers in Dallas. Looking to make a sophisticated statement in any room of your home? Check out our vast selection of Persian Rugs. To assure that your Oriental rug receives an accurate appraisal, we recommended you seek an Oriental rug dealer with in-depth knowledge in the field of Oriental rug identification and market evaluation. We specialize in Cleaning, Repairing & Appraisal of all kinds of handmade rugs. Turco Persian Rug Company provides official rug appraisal certificates to insurance companies, estate-planning lawyers and individual clients. To find out more, please get in touch. Although Silk Road Collections specializes in Oriental Rugs, we will do appraisals for all rugs whether they are Navajo Rugs, new or antique rugs. Insurance companies require appraisals to insure your rug against fire theft or damage. Even if the foundation of your rug has been damaged by these pests, there are still options. 2020-11-15T18:23:10-08:00 Whether you need a formal Oriental rug appraisal , are looking for a rug appraiser / consultant or just find yourself wanting advice before making a purchasing decision , it is crucial to choose a rug appraiser / consultant you can trust. There are several factors we must consider, but one in particular involves the sense of touch; it is called texture. Our customers trust us to select handmade rugs that will not only grace their homes, offices and lives but will become a legacy to future generations. RugIdea. Get the best Persian, antique & modern rugs at the best prices at Shiraz Antique & Vintage Rugs, in business for 3 generations. 9499 Jan 05, 2021 · Oriental, Persian, Antique capret appraisals. We purchase old rugs. Home Since 1992, we have been providing rug appraisal services for insurance, estates and personal use. See Our Process Watch how we take care of delicate fine rugs with our meticulous 10 point process and state-of-the-art machinery including our Centrum Star Wash Tub and Centrum Max Rug Wringer. can provide an accurate appraisal of your rug's value. In fact, we are trusted and recognized by leading insurance companies across North America. Rug Services. department for repair, padding, cleaning, moth-proofing, deodorizing, mothproofing, disinfecting, and appraisal services Penny Krieger is the owner of Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. Please complete the following form, and an expert will get back to you ASAP: Would you like to know the value of your antique Persian rug or that small rug adorning your hallway? Our carpets and rug specialist will give you an online valuation, including the item’s market value, subject matter and/or decorative style, and where it was made. In a written appraisal, I document each rug and I note the origin, category, type or regional area as well as the construction and materials and the condition of each rug with specifics. A certificate from an oriental rug appraiser will be extremely helpful to get insurance that will cover for damage, loss or theft of your rug. Professional carpet cleaners do come in handy, only if you are prepared to bear the additional cost. Made of wool or silk fibers, each responds Since 1979, Mansour’s Oriental Rug Gallery has offered our clientele and designers the finest of new and antique Oriental and Persian rugs throught the Reno area. We offer professional services such as rug appraisal, rug repair, rug and carpet cleaning. The cost for the full written appraisal is $150 for the first rug and $100 for each subsequent rug. Ayoub N&H™ Carpet & Rugs is happy to come to your home and Ayoub N&H will provide you with a written appraisal document that specifies the rug’s size, condition, type, and market retail price. 00 including Certificate. For more than 40 years ORRA has been the only national organization working to promote ethical practices in the Oriental rug business and Mark Gonsenhauser adheres to the ORRA code of ethics. The damaged areas will be hidden by the dye. com. RenCollection is one. Get the value of your Persian rug with our experienced and thorough rug appraisers at Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners & Oriental Rug Gallery. These rugs are slowly becoming a lost art, and the best ones tell fantastic stories in their patterns and by those who made them, that can be passed down for generations. area for over five decades! The Art of Persian Rugs. We offer fine hand-woven rugs, carpets and textiles from tribal peoples and villages, as well as from cities in Europe and the Far and Middle East dating from the 15th Century through the 20th Century. Whether you have purchased an Oriental rug or inherited an heirloom rug, Milwaukee Rug Dealer, Robert H. A note about appraisals. Unlike other Oriental rugs, Persian rugs are exclusively made in Iran. Persian rugs are resilient, last for generations and require little care -- if you know how to treat them. Our experts are able to identify and value all Persian and Oriental Rugs from across the rug weaving regions of the world. , Nevada City, CA. Rug Appraisal in Memphis, Tennessee. Mark Gonsenhauser is the only Certified Rug Appraiser in Hampton Roads Virginia. Behnam Rugs can permanently dye your rug to minimize how obvious any damage is. Our stock changes periodically and we beat any prices from any competition Antique Oriental rugs vary in price for a variety of reasons, and it takes an expert to provide you with an expert appraisal that reflects the true value of your rug. Our experienced valuer is able to identify hand knotted rugs and determine values according to market trends. Multiply the two together to find the your knot density. We will provide a quality written appraisal by properly identifying your Oriental rug, determine its age and tell you exactly what it is worth. Rug owners are advised to get their types of rugs examined by professional Persian rug cleaners at least once a year (ideally twice). It all began in 1962 when Doug bought a small oriental rug for $15. Written appraisals are helpful for probate and estate tax, charitable contributions (over $5,000), insurance settlement, divorce or equitable distribution of estate. Generally speaking, the more densely bound a rug is, the higher its quality and thus its price. Persian rugs add timeless class to any room they're on. Rugs can be a difficult item appraise accurately. Never sell an oriental rug without getting an appraisal first. 00 during his first research trip to Iran. Instead of searching online for ‘appraisers near me’, contact us today. Want to see a rug that’ll work with any color scheme you can dream of, including white or grey? They’re perfect, and oh-so stylish when paired with gorgeous wood floors, white walls, beautiful wood furniture, leather, linen upholstery, brass light fixtures, a touch of velvet, and maybe even some mid-century goodness. Since 1992, we have been providing rug appraisal services for insurance, estates and personal use. Penny Krieger is the owner of Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. From stitching to repairs. Oriental Rug Masters Inc. Once we see your rugs we start our detailed inspection. I have owned and operated Persian Rug store in corpus Christi, Texas since 1987. Distinctive Rugs We offer a wide selection of high quality carpets, including hand woven rugs, needlepoint rugs, dhurries, Kilims and hand tufted rugs. is valuable when insuring your oriental rug against damage or theft. rug Appraisals, buying & selling, and the Largest inventory in the entire state! Located in Orange County, we're your #1 spot for everything related to Oriental and Persian rugs. the construction, knot count, dyes, foundation, condition, age, etc. What to look for when picking a repair house and what to expect as a price if selling, for your oriental rugs. William Ahad Oriental Rugs is a company that has been performing Oriental rug appraisal in Houston for over 30 years, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from its long list of customers. Appraisal Fees Verbal - in our store - Free Verbal - in your home in SLC - $75 Oahu Rug Appraisal ‐ Rug appraisal is a very specific and important skill . 2. The cost varies and can run anywhere between $80 - $120. If you have any questions please call us at 800-871-0569 or 631-351-4720. call for free estimate on top rug repair & oriental rug cleaning. We regularly prepare rug appraisals for private clients, fiduciary advisors, and estate executors. The rugs that we are interested in are handmade Persian rugs, silk rugs, old Chinese rugs, and tapestries. They have decades of experience with Persian rug repair and Persian rug cleaning and Persian rug appraisal that they put to use every day handling and appraising the best Persian rugs on Maui. Having a current appraisal of your rug is as valuable as your rug itself. There are a number of factors that determine a rug’s value, including its age, size, condition, country of origin, color combination, pattern or design and style. Whether your favorite rug has been stained from a leaky flower pot or your dog chewed the corner off, we can restore it and most times make it look like nothing ever happened. If you need an appraisal for insurance or any legal matter, we can provide appraisals accepted by all homeowners insurance providers. Kish Oriental Rugs provides expert restoration and repair services, as well as, free home and office consultations. If your rug is oversized, we can come to your location for a hassle-free appraisal by experienced rug experts. While you can get an idea of what something is worth online, keep a few important things in mind during the process: Accuracy - Most experts agree that getting an Internet valuation is not usually very accurate. Can you appraise my rugs? East Bay does provide appraisal services on new or newly cleaned area rugs. I would like to know the value of this rug. Measure your Rug Measure your rug and fill out the size on form Take pictures of your rug Take pictures of front of rug, back of rug and any damaged areas. Please email pictures and the rug measurements to us first at info@igotyourrug. She is now selling rugs on an appointment basis. A rug has a variety of values such as, utility, sentimental, insurance, replacement, wholesale, probate, etc. Count both the horizontal weave and the vertical run. There are several variables you need to consider when you are valuing a vintage or antique Persian rug: Quality of the piece (dyes, materials, knot count) Age (How old is the piece? The team at Persian Rug Company will work with you to assess your rug’s overall value, its age, quality, and its origin. , located in Santa Rosa, CA. Turn over the rug to look at the base of the pile. Shehady’s Oriental Rugs is Pittsburgh’s most loved and trusted company for cleaning and restoring new and antique area rugs. ft. The only way to get definitive answers to your rug questions is to get an assessment by an independent third party. It is numbered ETG-100 059 Tabris la Rug Appraisal Antique Rug Co. I had been employed in the Oriental rug trade since 1959 and when I first started my own business in 1966 it was buying and selling old and antique Oriental rugs. It was made in Iran according to a tag on the back. Included is a photo, a description of the design and a list of the number of colors along with other pertinent information including the age of the rug. Barry is one of seven senior rug appraisers in United States accredited by American Society of Appraisers [July 2020]. My only reason for the appraisal was to get some information on my rugs and I got much much more. 12’ x 18’ Persian Kashan carpet, elaborate floral field and a centralized motif on a predominantly blue and red background. 3173728 Allen Kosub is an Accredited Senior Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers in the designated specialty of oriental rugs. com provide special expert rug cleaning with local free pick up and delivery. Persian rugs come in anywhere from 60 knots per inch to 1000 knots per inch for very expensive, almost extinct rugs. Colonial Rug Cleaning and carpet cleaning by professionals for your Antique Oriental Rug that is hand knotted or wool rugs at Colonial Rug Cleaning. If you own a carpet, or a rug, it is important that you keep them clean by engaging the services of professional cleaners to do that for you. Appraisals. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Appraisers in Wichita, KS. Feb 10, 2020 · These appraisals are helpful for both insurance and estate purposes, especially since oriental rugs increase in value as they get older. Get an unbiased third party opinion on your oriental rug when considering to purchase or sell your rug. Abbas offers expert rug appraisal for your oriental rugs. We have deep knowledge of history of rugs and we know from where you may get the best economic package. For Oriental rugs and everything you need to care for them, Persian Rugs & More is the place to go. Our owner, Sy Mahfuz, is certified as a Rug Appraiser by the Oriental Rug Retailers of America, a designation very few people can claim. We carefully examine the condition of the rug, determine when and where it was made. Once it is determined that your rug is up to our quality standards, we can explore the different options for buying or trading. Bring your rug to us in Edmonton for a full rug appraisal. In addition to rug sales and appraisals, Sarkis V. There are other types as well which include Bokhara and Zeigler rugs. of Oriental rug weaving. Kashou of Kashou Carpets provides 108 years of knowledge and experience with Traditional handwoven oriental rugs, Tibetan handwoven rugs, antique Oriental rugs and antique Persian rugs. See for yourself how centuries of craftsmanship produce handmade rugs of uncompromising quality. If you have inherited a rug from a family member or purchased a rug in an estate sale and simply want to know more about it, the staff at Persian Rug Company can help. We are excited to invite you to The Magic Carpet’s Oriental Rug Appraisal Weekend, May 7 and 8, 2016, and to the “Woven Splendor” rug exhibit. The professionals at Behnam Rugs will wash & sanitize your rug the natural way and kill moths without damaging your rug. Quality Oriental Rugs enjoy a great degree of liquidity while offering one of the highest returns on investment due to the increasing demand caused by public awareness of their value. Mansour’s offers two types of appraisals: Free Oriental Rug Appraisal Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and kilims must be properly maintained in order to keep their value and beauty. e. Especially for insurance claims and estate purposes an Appraisal Certificate helps all parties in smooth resolution of matters. This is why having an appraisal done every once in a while can be beneficial to ensure your insurance is up to date. It is a persian rug in Red and blue. One of the face of the pile and one of the back side. At Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn our rug specialist give you best assessment of your rug in the light of their years of experience and acumen. Made with hand-spun wool, silk and vegetal dyes in traditional patterns from Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan and India, we proudly offer handmade Oriental rugs in runner Maui oriental rug cleaning has a reputation for the most skilled and astute rug appraisers on Maui. Dec 01, 2007 · A rug appraisal should be done by a reputable organization whose appraiser is a current member of Orra (Oriental Rug Retailers of America) and is a CRA (Certified Rug Appraiser - click here for a list of appraisers near you). offers professional appraisals and insurance replacement valuations of hand knotted rugs and kilims. provides superior cleaning, repairs, and sales on oriental rugs in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Washington County & Carroll County MD Call us: 77. Since 1980 Barry and Dina Amiri of Antique Rug Company, a Los Angeles rug showroom, have supplied and cared for fine quality antique Oriental and Persian rugs. Every rug is a one-of-a-kind reflection of the weaver and a completely unique work of art. Nov 09, 2017 · Official rug appraisal, Chicago, is targeted at providing accurate information and appraisal of oriental rugs. An Oriental rug is a rug crafted in any of the "Oriental" countries other than Iran. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Appraisers in Downtown Wichita, Wichita, KS. Protect your area rug worth by the best around! Area rug cleaning services for Oriental, Persian, and antique rugs from Louisville to Lexington KY. Lastly, we gladly work with designers, and trade-ins are welcome. Appraisal Services: Robert Howell has over 30 years experience in handling and appraising Antique and New hand knotted rugs. To start the day off, between 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm, rug lovers can take advantage of a rare opportunity to get a free verbal Oriental rug appraisal - call early to reserve a spot (530) 265-9229 Many people remain unaware that Persian rugs gain value over time. We also provide our customers with free information on the protection and care of oriental rugs. Our certified in-house appraiser has over 30 years of experience in appraising area rugs of all kinds, including Persian, antique, vintage, oriental, wool and silk. Artisans were inspired by book illustrations. Non-binding verbal opinion of type, age, general current market re-sale value. Take a look at the reverse side of your rug and choose a 1 inch x 1 inch area. As experts in Oriental rugs, we are able to provide certified appraisals. The Gallery of Oriental Rugs has the only certified Oriental Rug Retailers of America (ORRA) appraiser in the Eastern Carolina’s. Antique Rug Appraisal – Only people who deal with antique rugs on a daily basis can determine their true current value, especially in an ever changing market, where particular colors, designs, and technical features fuel the demand for certain types of rugs rather than others. Listen or read more to find out about oriental rug appraisal. We take great pride in educating our clients on where the rug originated, its structure, and age to help owners of Oriental rugs understand its significance beyond the value placed upon it. Certification through the ORRA recognizes Ken as a highly Oct 06, 2020 · Oriental, Persian, Turkish, And Wool and Silk Textile Online Appraisals. Feb 22, 2016 · A Persian silk rug could have over 1,000 knots per square inch, though on average, rugs consist of 30 to 300 knots per square inch. Levine Auction & Appraisal (February 26, 2016) Maui oriental rug cleaning has a reputation for the most skilled and astute rug appraisers on Maui. Certified Rug Specialists can identify the origin of oriental and specialty rugs, spot potential problems based on the rug's origin and construction, as well as the dyes and materials used. Even the design and pattern of a rug is important, unique designs can be highly collectible. I have an antique Persian rug 8'x10' and would like to get it appraised. Rug appraisals are always taken very seriously at Elegant Oriental Rugs. Much like other treasured pieces of furniture and home décor, you can also get your Oriental rug appraised to determine its monetary value. Of course, you’ll also need to define the type of appraisal value that you are searching to obtain. . Talk to our Oriental rug appraiser today. Vincent J Fernandez is the only Oriental Rug Retailers of America Certified Appraiser in Vermont. Handmade Oriental rugs impart warmth, elegance and beauty to last a lifetime. There’s no need to wait for the Antiques Roadshow to come to town to get an appraisal on your rug in Maryland. The information here offers easy, basic steps for the protection of an oriental rug. You can see the value of a rug greatly diminishes as the general condition and pile height are progressively worn. A certified rug appraisal is recommended for insurance or estate purposes, but also for the rug owners own appreciation for the craftsmanship of their piece. As a credentialed member of the Oriental Rug Retailers of America (ORRA), Ken is well-respected for his knowledge and experience in assessing the overall quality and value of carpets, including knot type, dye content, fiber and origin of your carpet. Rug Wall Hangers; Stair Rods & Holds; Rug Pad; Designers & Decorators; Rugs 101. An oriental rug appraisal from The Great American Rug Cleaning Co. We have a Certified Rug Appraiser on staff who graduated from the Certification Specialist program administered by the Oriental Rug Retailers of America (ORRA), of which there are only 2 appraisers in the Persian Rug Value Valuing a Persian rug is a complex process and for some rugs even experts have a difficult time getting the right price. We also provide a photograph to accompany our appraisals. Origin of the rug Detailed description on the condition of the rug …and more! When you hire us for an appraisal, what you will get is a professional document with a full assessment of the rug. Call us now at (414) 347-1300 for more information! 601 E. Call us today! 1-800-479-1204. Surrounded by a 4 layer floral border with blue and red colors, there are inter-linking designs around the edges. Owning a Persian carpet is like owning a valuable piece of history. Oriental Carpet online appraisal service for new and used Oriental Carpets and used and new Persian rugs, floorcoverings, textiles, tapestries, Carpet Buyers Guide book, Oriental rug appraisers and Oriental carpet appraisers, Illustrated Buyers Guide to Oriental Carpets, rugconsultant. Vincent J Fernandez Oriental rugs is located on Rte 2 in Richmond, VT. Join us from 1:30 to 3:30 on Saturday and Sunday and take advantage of a special opportunity to get a free verbal Oriental rug appraisal. (Payable via PayPal in advance to info@indianterritory. Here at Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa, we want to help you with your rug appraisal process. Upload a photo. A Certified Appraisal will run in vicinity of ~$250 - 325 depending on location and specifics. Liquidity of Persian and Oriental Rugs Oriental Rugs are the exception to the rule that the greater the degree of liquidity of an asset, the lower the return. For official written appraisals there is a $75 fee for the first rug and $15 for each additional. Persian Rug Co. Mr. Jerry and Jeff Arcari are both accredited by ORRA (Oriental Rug Retailers of America). Rug cleaning and rug repair services for Oriental, Persian, and antique rugs in Kentucky. But keep in mind: Less uniformly made tribal and antique rugs are not typically judged based on knot count. With so many styles, colors and patterns to choose from, it’s easier than ever to create a warm, elegant space while reflecting your style. Araby Rug is now owned and operated by Clare Antique Rug Appraisals specializes in appraising oriental rugs, persian rugs, antique rugs and silk rugs. Ibraheems Rugs and Furnishings Boutique is proud to provide beautiful specialty rugs for a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. The process becomes even more complicated when it involves fine rugs, such as handmade Persian rugs and oriental rugs. We will tell you what it is the replacement value and how much you could get if you sold it yourself. how to get a persian rug appraisal

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